Five Days Market

In order to be convenience for shopping the dude decided to make five days market for local people around the lake. Colorful tribes people and their local products are interesting.

Local cooton ,silk & lotus weavings

Having different kind of tribes and cartural makes Shan State even more colorful. Their traditional costune and accessories will obsess you mind. Unique lotus clothes and the ways they create that is also interesting to take a look. Different of patterns of myanmarness clothes and coton & silk farib will make you carry them home.

Silver smith & Black smith

Fancy and accessories made out of silver is one of the talents of people living on the lake. Traditional silver amulets of In –Thar people and how they use in ceremonies is also interesting to know. Black smith is one of the place to recycle material from automobiles around that area. Traditional ways of making instruments and kitchen wears are interested to see.

Floating Market

A lot of vendors selling things on the boat will make you experience new shopping style.

Temples & Monastery

Building temple and monastery at the middle of the lake using teak woods is one of talent of people living on the lake. Having a lot of architectural temples and monastery is also the reason that makes myanmarnes people proud of the lake.